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Filtrums are good

Filtrums are fine

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Welcome to claim_a_filtrum. Most of you are proabably wondering what, exactly, is a filtrum?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It is the proper name for the dimple or indentation under the nose directly above the upper lip.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So...now that you know, feel free to claim the filtrum of anyone you can think of! As long as they're human of course. You can claim anyone (male and female) from actors or singers, to models and even other Livejournal users.

Now the usual rules, which I took the time to write up so you should take the time to read.

You must join the community to claim.
•You must make your claims in a post, not a comment.
•If you leave the community at any time for any reason, your claims will be up for grabs.
•Check the claims list before claiming.
•Check the post at the top of the community page for extra useful information.

[1] Unless otherwise stated, 2 claims per member.

If you're within the first 20 members, you get one extra claim. If you link the community in your LJ userinfo in any form then you get one other claim. It's best to do this before or immeadiately after you request your claim, that way there is no hold up because I will check to make sure people have linked if they say so. Also if you make anything for the community (ie. an icon/graphic) then you get one other claim, making the claim limit 4 claims.

[2] Read the claim's list before making your claims.

[3] Specify which category your claims belong in. (Actor/singer etc)

[4] No sharing...Sorry.

[5] You can change your claims at any time if you wish.

[6] Have fun! and if you have any problems, contact me through my LJ sazzafrazz or email me (saz_l@blueyonder.co.uk) and put 'claim a filtrum' in the subject line.

Many thanks to Becky quidditchkiss for giving me the inspiration to start my own community and for letting me learn from her! :)

Thanks also to Rae smoondancr for being my 'button lady'.

Community buttons!

Use these buttons to link back to the community from your LJ userinfo/website.

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© drasticaction

•If you'd like to advertise your claim community, please contact me and ask. You will then be listed below. Do not post an advert in my community.

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